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Why do you choose to support the VFC?

Teen Alliance Council

I joined TAC to make a difference for kids my age.  There’s a positive message that everyone can gain from TAC, and I’ve always dreamed of positively affecting somebody’s life in some way.  Through this group I’ve been able to not only make a difference, but meet amazing people.  I’m so grateful for this opportunity.”

Teen Alliance Council

I chose to be a part of TAC because I enjoy collaborating with other students my age from Warren County to better myself in hopes to change the community in a positive way.

Teen Alliance Council

I chose to be a part of TAC this year to have the opportunity to create a positive atmosphere in my community while working alongside my peers throughout the county.


There are many pieces that contribute to the prevention of violence. We are currently developing a website with resources to act as a hub of prevention in Warren County. Check out our site for #thefirstpiece and follow us on social media for the launch date of the full site.
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